2021/2022 FIRST SEMESTER PORTAL IS REOPEN FOR SCHOOL FEES PAYMENT. KINDLY PAY UP ON TIME BEFORE IT IS CLOSED AGAIN. THANKS. THE MANAGEMENT.     ATTENTION!!! Kindly Contact your HOD if you are denied Portal Access.     ATTENTION!!! All Fresh Students should note that the Payment of your School Fees automatically provide you Matriculation Number. This first then all other payments are accessible. Thanks     ATTENTION!!! Fresh Students. Kindly visit ICT or Call 08131154513 if you have been cleared and your Portal still pop-up not cleared Message. Thanks     ATTENTION!!! THIS IS TO NOTIFY ALL ALL OUR PROSPECTIVE CORP MEMBERS PREPARING FOR NYSC MOBILIZATION TO KINDLY CHECK THE STUDENT PORTAL FOR NECESSARY ACTION/EDITION ON THEIR INFORMATION.      

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Transcripts 08131154513 transcripts@tops.edu.ng
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All others 08054625540 cidm@tops.edu.ng

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  • All fees are now payable through the Portal, you should no longer login at tops.oystirev.com
  • If you paid your school fees at tops.oystirev.com . Click Get Transactions button, after logging in to the Portal to Update your Payment
  • After paying your schools, go to the Deputy Rector's Office for BioMetric Capture to be able to Register for Courses


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